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Customer Reviews

“Understanding what we eat is the only way to develop a healthy relationship with our food. As a cheese monger, my goal is to know and build a direct trust relationship with both the producer and my customers. Responsible farming makes this easy and pleasurable. Grassfields Cheese has a long tradition of understanding their animals and cares for them in a loving way. This translates into great products that I am happy to encourage my customers to bring home to their families.”
- Matt Reilly, manager of Salumi and Formaggi at Eataly in Chicago

"Our family lives on Grassfields food! ...we buy all of our meat and poultry from the farm store. Highly recommend for local delicious foods."
- Andrea M.

“This wheel of cheese was lovingly and painstakingly created by someone who has watched every step of the process themselves and is proud to hand me the most delicious cheese they can make.”
- Christine Ferris, The Farmhouse Deli

"Great food, great people!"
- Matt T.

"Grassfields’ cheeses are unique and unexpected. Luke Meerman is not running a typical business. He and his family are truly part of the terroir. Grass-feeding produces added flavors and sweetness, makes the flavor more interesting, and keeps animals happy and healthy. Happy cows make happy cheese, and we get the happiest cheese from Grassfields.”
- Antonio RamÍrez, cheese director and chef at award-winning Bin 36 restaurant

"Great people with a great business!!"
- Ken L.

"I have been taking my students to Grassfields Farms for over 6 years now to learn the art of making cheese and their experience is phenomenal! The Meermans' passion and pride in their artisan cheese making is an inspiration to my students. The unique flavors in their cheeses captures the terroir of their well maintained farm. Utilizing the cheeses from Grassfields in our food products enhances the quality due to the careful preparation of their products. I highly recommend chefs and cheese lovers to try these flavorful cheeses!"
- Chef Bob Schultz, Chef Instructor, Secchia Institute for Culinary Education