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New Store Hours (as of Labor Day)

Monday and Tuesday: 3PM - 5PM
Saturday: 11AM - 2PM

What's in the on-farm store?

The store is located right on the farm. Grass-fed beef, pasture-raised broiler chickens, and turkeys (we take pre-orders in the summer, they are available the week of Thanksgiving). We also carry specialty Michigan items such as Happy Goat Goat Milk Soap; Kids N Kritters Goat Milk Lotion; Bee Natural products; Mooville Butter; Granola Goddess Granola; Keweenaw Kitchen Jams; Big Prairie Honey; Little Rooster Bread, Gourmet Crackers, and Croutons; Dry Beans; Pure Maple Syrup from Lamont; Sauerkraut, and more!.


Beef Cut Price Per Pound
Brisket $6.00
Bones (broth/marrow) $4.25
Chuck Roast $6.25
Delmonico Steak $14.00
Fat (for making suet) $2.50
Flank Steak $9.00
Ground Beef $6.50
Hamburger Patties
Heart $2.50
Liver $3.75
New York Strip Steak $12.75
Oxtail $5.00
Porterhouse Steak $13.50
Rib Steak $12.00
Rolled Rib Roast $7.50
Round Roast $5.75
Round Steak (Swiss) $7.00
Rump Roast $6.50
Short Ribs $4.75
Sirloin Steak $11.00
Sirloin Tip Roast $11.50
Sizzler Steak $13.25
Skirt Steak $9.00
Standing Rib Roast $9.00
Stew Beef $5.75
T-bone Steak $12.50
Tenderloin (Fillet Mignon) $20.00
Tongue $4.50

Pork - available this fall

Pork Cut Price Per Pound
Back Ribs $7.00
un-cured, hickory smoked,
no added nitrates other than naturally occurring
Boneless Fresh Ham Roast $6.50
Boneless Loin Roast $7.50
Butt Roast $6.00
Smoked Ham Slice $6.50
Chops $6.50
Chop Suey Meat $5.00
Country Ribs $7.50
Ground Pork $6.50
Loin Roast 7.00
Fresh Ham Roast $5.00
Sausage (no MSG!) $6.75
Shoulder Roast $5.60
Shoulder Steak $7.00
Smoked Ham $10.00
Steak $7.50
Tenderloin $10.00


Whole Poultry Price Per Pound
Broiler Chickens $5.00
Turkeys - seasonally $5.55
Chicken Cuts Price Per Pound
Boneless Breasts $11.50
Feet 3.75
Gizzards $5.00
Legs $5.75
Livers $4.75
Necks $1.50
Wings $4.50