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The Way We Farm

Cows on Grass at Dusk

Grass Based Farming

We believe that intensive rotational grazing of our animals is the best use of the land and the healthiest for our animals. Our dairy herd is composed of Holstein-Jersey-Normandy cross-breds, and we also raise our pigs and chickens on fresh grasses. The quality of their meats and milk begins with rich and nutritious soil, which develops over time from intensive rotational grazing practices and animal husbandry.

How are our animals raised?

We at Grassfields know God has given man dominion over the earth and its animals (Genesis 1:26). Part of ruling is good stewardship of the land and caring humanely for the animals. Our animals are outside, on pasture the majority of the year. They have shelter available if there is bad weather and in the winter they are housed in a large, airy hoop building for their comfort and the preservation of the grass roots under the frozen ground. They also are moved from paddock to paddock routinely to ensure they receive the best possible nutrients. Being located in Michigan, we do feed them stored feed in the winter; however, most of what they eat in the winter is what we ourselves cut, chop, or otherwise process during the rest of the year or bought from inside Michigan (and still non-GMO and no grains). At Grassfields, our animals are outside almost their whole lives; they get all the fresh air and exercise they want; and we are saved the labor of bringing feed to them and taking the manure away.

Is Grassfields Organic?

We are not organic. The animals are all raised naturally and are out on grass their whole lives (this is something that's not necessarily a requirement for organic certification in some states). The dairy cows and beef cows are 100% grass-fed. The beef cows and pigs live naturally with no antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or GMOs in their feed or on the grass that they eat.

Grassfields is environmentally friendly and socially responsible in our agricultural practices. This means that we actively work to preserve and protect the environment, the land, and the animals on and around our farm. When you select foods from Grassfields, you are not only supporting a local Michigan farmer and the environment they are committed to keeping healthy; but you are also receiving some of the best, most flavorful, and most natural dairy products and meats.